Pony Town

pony town is an interesting place and really cool game.... you can play it online here.
so this shrine is basically a gallery of whatever i find in pony town.

astolfo x pico

basically i was this "horrible" pico skin and then there was this astolfo dude kissing everybody
i realized that it was astolfo and said astolfo real and.... we kissed :DDDDDDDDD

you can't see him in this image sadly (insert sad spongebob)
our marriage (fck u keith/boyfriend!!!!!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤)

this is my new crackship. the names for this ship is pistolfo or asico.
or other portmanteaus, do it as you like

this random emo smurf

one of the best skins i've ever seen. fight me.

i found this random emo smurf skin. it is so hot. don't deny it.

oh, and if you have good eyes you can obviously see kirby that is trying to kill it
idk why though

Corn nuts ♡

ok so this is another random skin i found funny.... corn nuts
it looks like heather chandler but idk if this is a reference to the musical, film or not. either way its still funny as hell.

gay sans

it's gay sans. what else can i say?