what is polandball

polandball is the most funniest thing after azumanga daioh!!!!!

so basically, polandball is just a comic strip thingy revolving countries and sometimes planets, and states. most of these comics revolve about politics, world history and everything about countries.

but it's not just countries, there's various spinoffs like countryhumans companyball, and polcompball!!!

it was first started by this dude called falco which was made to troll this dude named wojak on krautchan (or 4chan? idk lul its on the polandball wiki)

how do i make a polandball comic

its very simple. steps r like this:

  1. get a drawing program (most use microsoft paint)
  2. before you make the comic, read this!
  3. after you read the rules plan out the comic
  4. after you're done planning, crudely (or not your choice) draw the characters.
  5. when you're done drawing the characters you can add a background. it's not required
  6. post your comic to r/polandball
  7. you're done! have fun with free karma and maybe being featured in polandball wiki