7/6/21, 10:24 pm

i am never going back there Ever (as of writing this we're near ontario in Teh Car :3

ranboo word of the day is here!!!! YAY!!!!! (or nay)

7/3/21, 12:26 pm

spoiler: it actually doesn't change by day but it just switches to new and same old words.

you may have noticed a new thing when you go on the index page, and it's the ranboo word of the day thingy.

so yeah!!! i will put this on the things page, for things i make for you and me alike!!!!!! :)


6/29/21, 5:25 pm

i come in once in every few weeks to make a blogpost


6/16/21, 2:09 pm

lol sorry for being kinda inactive, lot's of stuff has being happening lmao.

in order for my apology, have some proof im good at north american geography


6/9/21, 6:42 pm

yeahhhh i played more fnf...!!! i just wanted to show that i am good at that too (well not really, but it depends)...

mid-fight masses

eek all the songs were like too spammy but i guess that's the point of making them hard, also i love the character design but i guess this mod shaped the happy song then angry song But it like twisted it around a bit...? also i love selever

vs. agoti

bruh i love the gui on this one

i didn't get to agoti sorry :(

vs. atlanta

omg i love everything in this mod!!!!!!! from atlanta herself and the songs. its not one of those happy song first then angry song last mods, its just a chill mod and i like it :)

also fun fact i used to play on normal until yesterday and i think im sort of cracked at this game


6/8/21, 5:38 pm

update (6/9/2021 or 9/6/2021):

play the game! :)

i play djfk


6/8/21, 11:23 am

whyyyyy is it so hot ((´д`))

frog ushanka

6/4/21, 3:10 pm

seltzer water

6/3/21, 3:20 pm

something about seltzer water makes me drink it all the time. i wondr why

canada day

5/28/21, 4:43 pm


wuh oh

5/24/21, 12:47 pm

yea i purged the blog. whatever but we're starting on a new page but hello :)

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