"why would you even bet for a president"
― bela in some random forum

pfp/icon or something lol
likes many things: but especially
  • geography
  • history
  • art
  • 2hu
  • cheesecake
  • video games
  • anime
  • minecraft
  • people who always talk about politics
  • weird/creepy people
  • half of twitter
  • france
  • majority of stans
orientation pansexual
personality infp + omnivert + neutral good
zodiac/birthday october 30th scorpio
feeling The current mood of byelo at www.imood.com
nationality american-canadian
other names marisa, zagreb, belgrade, saigyouji, milano, nevada, cheesecake


hello, im just another internet person. if that wasn't obvious my name's bela. i like mcyt (and before you ask, no im not one of the annoying mcyt twitter stans)

i like history, geography and the stuff in my like section in the table.
i like many more stuff but i had to keep it short.

i am a scorpio and vry proud to be one. scorpios r so cool (especially the october ones my mother says). however my mom also says that november scorpios suck but i mean its just an animal right???

i am a girl also and very into rock, glitchcore (if you wanna call it that O_o), oldschool rap and idk my music taste is so weird.

i also like sour, sweet, salty, and spicy food. also i really crave rainbow cookies, cheesecakes, ginger ale, and eggnog

i can see great with my left eye and almost as great with my right eye (wuh oh)
i am from panama!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the most underrated yet most overrated country in the world and (sort of) in latin america
... for some reason though i have irish ancestry and i mean why not


my nicknames are bela/bel (or its other variants), marisa/mari, zagreb, belgrade, milano, nevada, and saigyouji


I write like
J. K. Rowling
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